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The Angus Orligno 100 Multi Fuel Boiler

Available in 1 models 19kW
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This Orligno 100 multi fuel boiler is simple to operate and is an extremely cost effective way of gaining central heating and hot water. They can be installed in either an open or a pressurized system and can burn all woods (including sawdust and chippings), coal, and coke.

The Angus Orligno 100 boiler is manufactured from high grade boiler steel
and it is robust and yet highly efficient.

The Angus Orligno 100 boiler is easy to control and has a large combustion chamber with easy access allowing the user to burn wood, coal, coke and briquettes.
It can heat up to 150m2 with wood and 300m2 on coal.

It has high combustion performance, excellent corrosion resistance and comes equipped with its cast iron furnace grate. It is simple to control the primary air flow with the thermo-mechanical draught regulator and the secondary air flow is adjusted via the loading chamber door.
It comes with a thermal security device to enable operation in a pressurized system.The long loading chamber allows logs up to 500mm long. The boiler has excellent emissions satisfying EN303-5.

Fuel loading is easy and when fully loaded it will last typically between 2 to 4 hours on wood and 4 to 6 hours on coal.
The handles have an excellent locking mechanism to ensure a tight seal on the loading and combustion chamber doors. The doors have silicon seal glass fibre rope and there is an anti-smoke flap fitted in the loading chamber itself.

The seal of the boiler body us guaranteed for 5 years.
The boiler has a large heat exchanger surface along with double exhaust flow for improved efficiency. The heat exchanger surface is smooth allowing cleaning to be quick and easy.

It is possible to change the loading chamber door to allow for an automated pellet feed system (details to follows soon).

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