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This range is one of the most highly efficient available. At 92% heat efficiency it burns off all the gases and has a minimal ash output. These boilers can have as short a payback period as 3 years over LPG, Gas or Oil.They can heat 3 bed houses up to country mansions.

They can take logs from 500mm to 1000mm long and 6" to 10" diameter depending on the size of boiler.

They must be installed with an appropriately sized accumulator tank to obtain maximum working efficiency.

Using the latest downdraft technology, this gasification boiler burns all the gasses produced during the normal burning process, therefore allowing minimal CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. The secondary burning chamber burns gasses at up to 1200 degrees centigrade. Regulated by a digital display panel which controls the ventilator fan, this enables the boiler to be 92% efficient. The boiler has a large log chamber which holds enough wood for up to 12 hours burning.

The boilers are available in the following sizes 18, 25, 40, 60, 80, 96 and 130kW.

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The boilers are ideally suited for installations on an open vented system. The expansion tank should be 10% capacity of the whole system. If in doubt allow 20-25% of the volume of your accumulator tank.

The boilers can also be installed in a closed (pressurised) system but attention must be drawn to use of a pressure vessel[s] dependant on each application. The pressure vessel on the CH circuit will usually be sited before the CH return to the accumulator tank or between the laddomat thermo regulator and the boiler. It is generally recommended to allow 10% capacity of the whole system for your pressure vessel for wood log gasification boilers. If in doubt allow 20-25% of the volume of your accumulator tank and check the pressure set in the vessel.

If mains pressure hot water is required for the hot water then we would suggest an Akvaterm tank with a DHW coil (22mm finned copper coil tested to 10 Bar). It will also be necessary to introduce a safety group on the boiler under a pressurised system (pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and automatic air vent).

The boilers are exceptionally economical. A 40kW boiler typically uses a similar amount of wood as a conventional log stove but at 92% efficiency it provides infinitely more heat via your accumulator tank.

All our log boilers are designed to burn softwood or hardwood between 15% and 20% moisture content.
It is advisable to use softwood for batch burning only or to use as a mix (maybe 15% maximum) with hardwood for creating an ember layer when running the boiler continuously where for large periods of the time the boiler is in slumber mode. Even if the softwood is below 20% moisture content it is not ideal to use full loading chambers of softwood and then run the boiler continuously in this situation. As the softwood is resinous you will have very low flue gas temperatures when the boiler is slumbering for long periods of time and this can lead to a build up of pitch inside the heat exchange tubes and on the inside of the flue. It is possible that the turbulators in the heat exchanges tubes can become jammed as shown by the fact that the heat exchanger cleaning handle will no longer move and the overall efficiency of the boiler will be detrimentally affected. Any treated wood (creosote, paint), MDF or chipboard should not be used in our log boilers due to the carcinogenic emissions.

To maintain ample hot water during the summer months, the boiler needs only to be lit every 3 to 4 days. Depending on your source of wood this boiler offers fantastic savings over conventional systems.

We believe the Angus Super wood log gasification boilers to be exceptional value for money within its range.

Here are some of the benefits of the Angus Super

- Typically 35% heavier than others in its range as they are manufactured with thicker boiler steel plate for increased wear resistance/life expectancy (our boiler has a 6mm inner and 4mm outer as opposed to 5mm inner and 3mm outer boiler steel plate).
- They have one of the highest heat efficiency ratings (92% as opposed to 85% standard) for a log gasification boiler allowing a longer burn cycle and reduced wood fuel consumption.
- Larger combustion chamber volume than others in its range allowing a larger wood fuel load.
- Larger log length from 500mm for 18kW to 1000mm Long for 80kW to 130kW.
- Ability to burn all types of wood and handle logs up to 10" Diameter.
- Handle feature to mechanically clean out any pitch in the heat exchanger tubes.
- Control panel can be altered as and when required to control the following;
- Regulate the temperature of the accumulator tanks
- Vary the temperature differential of the water in the boiler from that of the accumulator tank before switching to gasification mode.
- Alter the blow through interval for burning off the gases.
- Alter the blow through time for burning off the gases.
Lower flue gas temperatures (less than 160 degrees for 25/40/60/80kW) as the water jacket surrounds the combustion chamber not only from all 4 sides but the base of the boiler as well). Along with a high efficiency rating this helps a lower running temperature of the stainless steel flue.
- Regulate the speed of the self-modulating fan.
Wire a remote control so the control panel can be altered from another location.
-Antifreeze protection system. When the temperature decreases below 4 °C regulator the installation is protected against freezing by the automatic turning on of the pump.
-Overheating protection system. When the temperature rises to above 90 °C it will automatically turn the fan off and ensure the pump is kept turned on.
- Comfort facility system. The comfort system built into the regulator prevents against stone deposition within the pump rotor. The regulator automatically actuates the pump after the heating
season for about 30 seconds every 14 days. Operation of the pump in this mode is signalled by
flashing of the pump indicator light. The system begins to operate 1 minute after the regulator has switched on. Actuation of the pump in automatic mode causes re-counting of the 14-day period from the beginning.

All our gasification boilers need to run with accumulator/hot water tanks. It is advisable to work on a ratio of 50:1 as far as litre capacity of accumulator tanks to kW output of the gasification boiler. i.e 2x1000l tanks for a 40kW gasification boiler. For optimal use of the gasification boiler the accumulator tank[s] are used in conjunction with a Laddomat 21 or Laddomat 21-60 Mixing/Layering Valve, 3 way mixing valves, BVTS thermo safety valve, wilo pump and chimney extractor fan.

Using an Eko-Vimar Electric Log Splitter (available in a variety of sizes) wood can be purchased once a year then cut to length & split. For optimum heat output the wood should be stored for 18 months to 2 years to get the moisture content down to 20 %

Expected running costs are less then half of that of gas or oil. Please have a look at our case study

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